Living with Diabetes…

It’s challenging living with diabetes, and knowing that you have to very careful and persistent with your diet and lifestyle. The best weapon against diabetes is knowledge. Perhaps your doctor recently broke the news you have diabetes. Or you’ve learned you’re at risk for getting the disease.

Diabetes. us is a comprehensive resource for information on diabetes, tips on improving your lifestyle, and finding medical professionals who can help you control your diabetes. You can find Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, Physicians, Podiatrists, and Endocrinologists near you today by STATE and ZIP CODE.

A Diabetes Care Team

When it comes to living with diabetes, you're the most important member of the team. Medical professionals will be of critical help to you— but think of them as your co-captains. Diabetes. us listed professionals on this web site will help develop a diabetes treatment plan that's tailored to your unique body and lifestyle .They teach about healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and how their medication affects their diabetes and metabolism. They can teach the biology of diabetes, provide instruction on taking insulin and show you methods of checking blood glucose levels. They may give helpful advice on how to handle sick days and pregnancy, and discuss the effects of your lifestyle and nutrition on blood glucose levels. They can also teach you how to deal with the stress the disease often brings to day to day living and creative ways to reach your healthy goals.

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